Where to watch AFCON 2021 Live on TV

AFCON Live in US TVAfrica Cup Of Nations is the biggest stage of African continental international soccer cup competition. Shortly it is also known as AFCON or CAN. The 2nd abbreviation (CAN) came from the French version full name of the tournament: Coupe d’Afrique des Nations. Whatever, despite not being in the same level to the likes of European Championship or Copa America, the tournament still got plenty of followers across the globe. This article will be a helpful guide for the viewers who are to watch the competition matches live in United States and Canada.

Where to Find AFCON 2021 Matches Live on TV in United States?

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beIN SPORTS a worldwide popular TV channel network holds the televising right of Africa Cup Of Nations fixtures live within US territory. In fact, the Doha, Qatar based company’s USA section will be the only TV broadcaster of this mentioned tournament in America. The network will air the games in both English and Spanish language. The English language broadcasting will be available through beIN SPORTS meanwhile the Spanish language broadcasting will be available on beIN SPORTS en Espanol. Nevertheless, most importantly, beIN SPORTS network will televise each and every fixture of the AFCON live in USA. Thus, it guarantees every single minute of every fixture of the competition live to the viewers in US. All they have to do is to keep their eyes on beIN SPORTS.

Popular satellite provider Dish Network provides both the channels inside USA. The alluded satellite subscribers will found beIN SPORTS on channel number 392. For the Spanish audio track they will have to press channel number 871 while clicking channel number 873 will switch them to beIN SPORTS en Espanol.

Ways to Enjoy AFCON Fixtures Live on TV in Canada:

Fans in Canada can enjoy the live AFCON actions through beIN SPORTS Canada the Canadian version of the very same network. There will be availability of both English and Spanish language version televising. Canadian soccer lovers can found the channel in Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct. The channel represented by number 1412 in Bell and number 618 (Advanced) as well as number 118 (Classic) in Shaw Direct, all in High Definition quality. Apart from this, the fans watching via online streaming can also found the channel through online streaming source fuboTV. Some of the readers who are searching for DAZN in the list, must know that, DAZN actually acquired the right of streaming AFCON games live. But the service will be applicable in Austria, Brazil and Germany only.

Chart of AFCON Matches Broadcasters in North America:

Country Broadcasting TV Channel Channel Number
United States Of America beIN SPORTS USA Channel-392, Channel-871 (Spanish Audio Track Enabled)
beIN SPORTS en Espanol Channel-873
Canada beIN SPORTS Canada Channel-1412 (HD)
Channel-118 (Classic, HD); Channel-618 (Advanced, HD)

How Can I Catch the Africa Cup Of Nations Actions Live Via Online Streaming In USA?

If you don’t have cable TV subscription, you can still manage to watch the AFCON schedules live here in America. There are many online streaming sources which contain beIN SPORTS network channels. Thus you can catch all the broadcast games through those sources by subscribing any of them. The sources are mentioned below:

  • fuboTV: One of the most useful streaming sources in US to watch soccer. I suggest you to go for this source. It contains beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS en Espanol and plenty more soccer channels. Their monthly subscription starts from $59.99 and by purchasing that you will be able to watch the AFCON games.
  • Sling TV: Sling TV’s two different service pack Sling Orange and Sling Blue each costs 30 US Dollar per month. You can purchase any one of them and add on “Sports Extra” for 10 more USD and the overall 40 Dollar package will be a perfect one for the soccer lovers.
  • Fanatiz: The cheapest option among all. This source costs only 7.99 US Dollar for one month service and offers you live actions of La Liga, Ligue Un, AFCON through beIN SPORTS network channels.

Chart of AFCON Encounters Online Streaming Sources and Costs in America:

Online Streaming Source or Service Cost
fuboTV 59.99-79.99 US Dollar per Month
Sling TV 30 USD per Month for Sling Orange or Sling Blue + Adding On “Sports Extra” for 10 USD. Overall 40 US Dollar per Month.
Fanatiz 7.99 US Dollar per Month


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