NBA League Pass Review (2023)

NBA League Pass review

Sports and streaming have had a difficult relationship. In the beginning it was nearly impossible to find a reliable, decent option where cord cutting and sports were concerned. Luckily, as time has gone on more and more options have been introduced. For basketball fans, one of those options is NBA League Pass. This live and on-demand streaming service offers full basketball seasons and other basketball news and programs. If you’ve wanted to add more basketball to your streaming lineup, this NBA League Pass review could help you determine if this is the right way to do it!

This NBA League Pass review will offer all of the basics about this cable alternative. You’ll learn about the features available, what live access you’ll have, and whether NBA League Pass is worth it!

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NBA League Pass is definitely only going to be worth considering for big basketball fans. The main draw to the service is that you get 40 or so live games per week during basketball season. You also get to watch the whole season on-demand. If you’re a basketball fan, NBA League Pass could offer you an easy way to stay up to date on the season!

The following sections include answers to these questions: 

  • What is NBA League Pass?
  • What Does NBA League Pass Offer Sports Fans?
  • What Devices are Compatible with NBA League Pass?
  • What Features are Available on NBA League Pass?
  • How Does NBA League Pass Work?
  • How Much are NBA League Pass Plans?
  • NBA League Pass Pros & Cons
  • FAQ
  • Is NBA League Pass Worth It?

If you think NBA League Pass is right for you, start with a free 7-day trial!


What is NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is a live streaming and on-demand service brought to you by the NBA. The service provides access to the entire NBA season live and on-demand. There are blackouts, especially anything in-market (your local games) and anything airing as a nationwide game. That leaves around 40 or so games per week. Even though some games are blacked out live, you will have access to the entire season on-demand. In fact, the on-demand library features the current and previous season on-demand, along with classic games and other programs. You can stream NBA League Pass on many popular devices including mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.


What Does NBA League Pass Offer Sports Fans?

If basketball is your favorite sport, NBA League Pass offers you access to the entire season! If you’re not into basketball, this service won’t offer you anything. You’ll have access to live games (out-of-market) and a complete on-demand library featuring the current and former season, classic games, and live audio of each game.


What Devices are Compatible with NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is available through the NBA app, which means you should be able to access it on most of the popular devices on the market. As long as you’re connected to the internet on one of the following devices, you should have everything you need to watch the next game:

  • Amazon Fire Devices
  • Phones & Tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Computers
  • Roku
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Xbox One & Series X


What Features are Available on NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass offers live game access to out-of-market regular season games, but they offer much more than that. Here are some of the features you’ll have access to in your NBA League Pass subscription:

Home & Away Broadcast Feeds

When you watch a game, whether live or an on-demand replay, you’ll be able to choose the audio and video that comes from the home or the away team. This allows you to watch your team broadcast or the other team if you prefer. Either way, the option is yours!

Condensed Replays

You can watch a full replay if you want or if you’re strapped for time you can opt for the condensed replay. The condensed replay offers a 10-minute replay of the entire game. Condensed games are available for every season game in the on-demand library.

Classic Games On-Demand

The on-demand library features the current and former regular season, plus classic games. You also can watch every Finals game from the past 20+ years! If the games aren’t enough for you, the on-demand library also features NBA Studio shows including Basketball Stories and Game Time!


How Does NBA League Pass Work?

NBA League Pass is a streaming service, so once you sign in, it’s as simple as selecting the game you want to watch! You can choose between live and on-demand content. In order to stream any content with NBA League Pass you’re going to need a reliable internet connection, a compatible streaming device, and a subscription! The easiest way will be to sign up on the NBA website or app, but you can also subscribe via services like Sling TV or Amazon Prime Video. Keep in mind, subscription prices could vary when signing up with third party services. Signing up for NBA League Pass is probably the hardest part of the process and that’s not hard at all! You can be signed up and set to stream your favorite teams within minutes!

Signing Up for NBA League Pass

Signing up for NBA League Pass is easy! Just follow these steps and you can be enjoying basketball within minutes!

  1. Visit the NBA website
  2. Choose the plan you want
  3. Fill in any required details
  4. Start your free trial!

NBA League Pass does not require any contracts, so if you find that this isn’t the right service for you, you’ll have the chance to cancel anytime you want. If you cancel before the trial ends you won’t be charged.

Using NBA League Pass

If you’ve signed up and you’re ready to watch with NBA League Pass, you should find the process to be simple. If you’re using a computer, you’ll stay at, where you signed up, to watch the game. You can also sign in using a variety of streaming devices. If you’re using a streaming device, you will need to add the NBA app to your device. Once you do that you can sign in with your account credentials. You can click the Games tab to find currently airing or already aired games. You can also find upcoming games on the schedule, here. If you want to see what’s on NBA TV just visit the NBA TV tab to watch the live or on-demand options available there.


 How Much are NBA League Pass Plans?

NBA League Pass offers a couple of different plan options. You can choose the NBA League Pass (the base plan) for $15/month or $100 per year or the NBA League Pass Premium for $20 a month or $130 per year. The big difference between the League Pass and Premium is that Premium users won’t have commercials during breaks. You still get the same number of games and the other perks with both packages.

Prices will change during basketball season when more content is available for basketball fans to enjoy. The current pricing is available at an off-season discount.


NBA League Pass Pros & Cons

You’ve made it this far, so you’re probably interested in a basic breakdown of NBA League Pass. If that’s the case, this is the right spot. Here’s a set of pros and cons to becoming an NBA League Pass subscriber:

Pro: Pick your Broadcast

Getting to watch your favorite teams is great, but it’s even better when your home team broadcasters are announcing the game. With NBA League Pass, you can choose between home or away broadcasts to see and hear the game from the side of your choice.

Pro: Game Replays On-Demand

There might be game blackouts with NBA League Pass, but all games end up in the on-demand library. Usually blacked out games arrive on-demand within 3 days of airing. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to the full season for the current year and the previous year, so there’s always plenty of games to watch.

Pro: In Game Stats & Details

NBA League Pass offers in-game stats when you’re watching the game. You’ll get plenty of information about the players, the teams, and added summaries. If you feel like it’s too much information you can turn off spoilers to avoid finding out about anything before you watch it happen.

Con: Full Season Pricing is High

Getting to watch 40+ NBA games a week is great for sports fans. However, if you’re a cord cutter trying to save money, it’s hard to justify the in-season pricing of NBA League Pass. Ultimately, the price might be worth it for you if you’re trying to watch as many games as possible, but if you’re observing a budget NBA League Pass might be too much for you.

Con: Blackout Games Apply

Most sports services include blackouts and NBA League Pass is no different. The games you receive live are out-of-market games. Anything in-market or airing to a national audience is blacked out. These blacked out games will be available to you on-demand between 3 hours and 3 days after they air live.



What is NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is a basketball streaming service. During basketball season you’ll get access to a range of live games. Blackouts including local and national games will occur, but that still leaves viewers with about 40+ OOM games per week. NBA League Pass also comes with an audio option that allows you to listen to every live game whether you can watch it or not. NBA League Pass includes an on-demand library. You’ll have access to every game up to 3 days after they air. You can stream NBA League Pass on most devices.

How much does NBA League Pass cost?

NBA League Pass offers season-long and monthly packages to suit many budgets. Both League Pass plans include NBA TV. You can currently get League Pass for $15 per month or League Pass Premium for $20. Prices change throughout the season and are lower in either the off-season or mid-season.

Does NBA League Pass have a free trial?

You will have access to a 7-day free trial when you sign up for NBA League Pass. This is a no-contract service. That means if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time, including before the trial ends.

What devices can you use with NBA League Pass?

You can watch NBA League Pass on most regular devices using your NBA app. Device options include Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, mobile devices, tablets, and more.


Is NBA League Pass Worth It?

NBA League Pass could be right for you, if you’re looking for a way to watch out-of-market games without significant difficulty. If your favorite team is right in your backyard, you won’t have access to those live games with NBA League Pass. Due to in-market games being blacked out, you won’t be able to watch anything you might on your local channels. Still, you’re receiving access to around 40 OOM games per week, plus access to the on-demand library, and more. For fans that just love that sport, NBA League Pass gives you a chance to watch as many games as possible!

Your free trial lasts for 7-days! All you need to do is sign up!

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