MLB.TV Pricing: Plans, Free Trial Info, More (2023 Guide)

MLB.TV review

Looking for info on MLB.TV pricing? Trying to figure out if the MLB.TV cost is really worth it?

As a baseball fan, you’re probably looking for the best way to stream games throughout baseball season. Considering MLB.TV is a good idea. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

With MLB.TV, you can stream out-of-market MLB games both live and on-demand through your supported devices. The service offers access to MLB Big Inning and select pregame and postgame coverage.

Big Inning offers live breakouts and looks at the games around the league. It is available seven days a week exclusively on MLB.TV. There’s also an expanded content library with original shows available for streaming.

Let’s get started with our MLB.TV pricing overview. . .


How Much Does MLB.TV Cost in 2023?

Budget is a concern regarding streaming, especially for access to sports coverage. MLB.TV is exclusively related to baseball coverage, but it may be a good fit for sports fans.

MLB.TV offers three packages. You can buy the yearly package for $139.99 and stream every team live. The package covers the entire year. There are also monthly package options starting at around $24.99 per month. Or you can choose a single team package and pay $119.99. With the team package, you can only access your favorite team during your subscription.

These prices may not be the case forever, so always check back for current deals. But MLB.TV is an excellent opportunity for baseball fans whether you want to watch every team or just your favorite.

MLB.TV Annual Package

For the current price of $139.99, you have access to:

  • All teams throughout the regular season and off-season
  • Access to Big Innings for real-time news around the league
  • Huge content library of original MLB programming

MLB.TV Monthly Package

For $24.99 per month, you’ll have access to everything listed above but only during the regular season through October.

MLB.TV Single Team Package

For the current price of $119.99, you’ll have the same access as the annual package only for your selected team.


Key Features of MLB.TV

The best feature of MLB.TV is access to all MLB content through your compatible streaming devices. It’s the easiest way to access MLB Games without paying for multiple services or visiting a local sports bar.

Selecting a streaming package that meets your needs gives you multiple price points.


MLB TV Pricing Q & A

Why Stream MLB.TV

Without another way to stream major league baseball, MLB.TV becomes an excellent option for sports fans. You can watch your favorite teams, all teams, or around the league with Big Innings.

What Devices work with MLB.TV

MLB.TV is app-based, so it works with any compatible mobile device. Remember that blackouts may apply to certain games in your area.

Can You Get a Free trial?

You can get a free trial of MLB.TV for any of their available packages.


MLB.TV Pricing Review

MLB.TV offers three packages for baseball fans. You can check out the current annual deal for access to all teams for $139.99 or pay $24.99 per month for the season only. If you only want to stream your favorite team, check out their $119.99 single-team deal.


Is MLB.TV Worth It?

If you want an affordable way to access major league baseball, MLB.TV may be your solution. With access to your favorite teams or all teams around the league streaming through the app, it might be a good fit.

To learn more about MLB.TV check out our complete review.

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