fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM (2023): Which Service is the Best?


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Chances are you’re here for one of two reasons. You’ve either recently decided to cut the cord and are looking for a streaming service or you’ve already cut the cord and you’re looking for a new streaming service. Either way, you’re in the right place, especially if you’re interested in learning more about fuboTV and/or DIRECTV STREAM.

If you’ve considered either service, this fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM guide should tell you what you need to know about both services. You will learn about what both services cost and what they are offering from live TV to on-demand content and other options. The goal is for you to look at these two services in a side-by-side style comparison to see if either one comes out on top. If you’re planning to subscribe to either one, it should fill you in on any details you’ve been unsure about.

Two of the most popular live streaming services right now are fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM. It makes sense that both services are so popular because they offer large packages at reasonable prices. Each package is filled with a mix of sports and general entertainment. You’ll find news and kids programming, too. Even the package features like cloud-DVRs and on-demand library content are similar. Still, these services are unique with plenty of differences. This should help you discover those differences and help you pick the right service for you!


What is fuboTV?

fuboTV has been in the live streaming game since the beginning. The service has gone through its share of changes, but these days they offer the top networks at a competitive price. fuboTV allows you to choose between multiple plans. The starter plan comes with 100+ channels for $75 per month. This gives you access to local channels, ESPN, AMC, and so much more. You can also add channels to your package for a fee. fuboTV is a contract-free service. You’ll start with a free 7-day trial and can cancel whenever you want.

Despite having plans with differing channel lineups, fuboTV includes all the same package features with every plan. You’ll have use of TV Everywhere apps and receive access to an on-demand library. You’ll also have a cloud-DVR complete with 1,000 hours of space. fuboTV is compatible with most streaming and mobile devices. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out our full fuboTV review.

fuboTV offers the first 7-days free!



DIRECTV STREAM offers the look of a cable company at the price of a streaming service. Multiple package options are available, so you only have to pay for the package that includes the channels you want. Major networks and local channels are included. You even get movie channels in some packages! The base package includes more than 65 channels at $70 per month.

A variety of package features are included with every subscription. You’ll have your own cloud-DVR and on-demand library. You can use TV Everywhere apps, too. Simultaneous streaming is allowed on three devices at once. You can stream on most popular streaming and mobile devices. Take a minute to visit our DIRECTV STREAM review to learn more.

Try DIRECTV STREAM free for 5-days!


Pricing Options: fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM

fuboTV gives you the option of multiple plans when you sign up. The Pro Plan is the smallest package available. This plan features more than 120 channels from $75 per month. All new subscribers receive a free 7-day trial! Sports and local channels are a big part of every package. You can also add some channel bundles to your package if you’re looking for more to watch. fuboTV packages can be cancelled at any time. Your package also includes on-demand content, TV Everywhere apps, and more.

DIRECTV STREAM also offers multiple plans. The smallest plan that DIRECTV STREAM offers is $70/month and includes 65+ channels. The largest plan features more than 130 channels including movie channels! Every plan starts with a free 5-day trial. Like with fuboTV, you can cancel whenever you’d like. DIRECTV STREAM also includes an on-demand library and cloud-DVR with every account.

Winner: fuboTV (Both services offer multiple packages starting at a similar price. However, fuboTV gives you more channels for that price than DIRECTV STREAM does.)


Channel Selection: fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM

Having the right sports channels is going to be a key point for any streaming service. Of course, there are times when you’re going to want to watch something else. So, before we take a deep dive into sports, we’re going to look at everything else these two services might offer.

fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM share a lot of the same networks. Both services offer local channels in most areas. They both have a lot to offer, no matter who you are. So, in the race to find a winner, it may come down to getting the channels you want at the right price.

fuboTV offers the following networks:

Local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC) are included in the majority of areas. fuboTV also offers top networks in general entertainment, cable news, and kids programming! AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, Hallmark, HGTV, Nickelodeon, OWN, TLC, and many other channels are included!

DIRECTV STREAM offers the following:

ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC are included in most areas. A&E, AMC, BBC America, Discovery, Disney, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, ID, Lifetime, National Geographic, Syfy, TBS, TNT, truTV, USA, and more are also included in the various plans.

*DIRECTV STREAM’s channel lineup is determined by the package that you choose. Every channel mentioned is available in one of the available DIRECTV STREAM plans.

Now you’re probably wondering what these services are missing in terms of network coverage. In the case of fuboTV, you’ll be without Turner Networks like TBS, TNT, and CNN. DIRECTV STREAM does offer those networks, but they are currently without NFL Network.

Winner: Tie (Both services offer good access to locals and many top networks. The decider will likely be whether you’re looking for TNT or NFL Network).


Sports Coverage: fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM

Now that you have a better idea which service offers the better general entertainment lineup, it’s time to focus on sports. Both services offer a lot of the top sports channels, so it could come down to getting to watch the sports you want for the cheaper price.

The fuboTV sports lineup includes: Local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC), ACC Network, beIN Sports, BTN, CBSSN, ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, MLB Network, NFL Network, NHL Network, Pac-12 Network, SECN, Stadium, Tennis, and more.

The channel selection will depend on the package you pick but could include as many as 25+ sports channels! There are also sports-related channel bundles starting at just $5/month that can be added to any package!

DIRECTV STREAM offers the following sports channels: ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC in most areas. Other networks include: ACCN, BTN, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, FS1, MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, SECN, Tennis, and more!

DIRECTV STREAM has multiple packages to choose from, so the channels you receive are based on that. Still, as many as 20+ sports channels are up for grabs. There aren’t any sports bundles available to add-on, but if you’re a basketball fan, you can tack on NBA League Pass for $40 per month.

Winner: Tie (The only real difference between these two services and the sports lineups that are offered is that DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t offer NFL Network.)


Package Features: fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM

The next thing to consider are package features. These are freebies that come with your account to supplement or enhance your live TV experience. Depending on the streaming service you might have a few standard features or something more unique like an unlimited cloud-DVR.

fuboTV appeals to family users by offering simultaneous streaming on up to ten devices at one time. Every account comes with an on-demand library that is filled with previously aired sports and entertainment. If you’re worried about missing something, you can save it to your cloud-DVR that comes with 1,000 hours of space. Other features include the use of TV Everywhere apps to give you more streaming options.

DIRECTV STREAM features many of the same features we just talked about with fuboTV. Here you can simultaneously stream, but only on three devices at once. The cloud-DVR is an upgrade as it offers unlimited space. You’ll also have access to TV Everywhere apps and an on-demand library with every account.

Winner: Tie (Both services offer similar features. fuboTV allows you to stream on more devices at once, but DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t put a cap on your DVR storage.)


Pros & Cons: fuboTV

If you aren’t sold just yet, this section might help determine if fuboTV is right for you. Here are some pros and cons to taking the plunge and signing up for fuboTV.


  • Take your pick of three plans from $75 a month
  • A minimum of 120+ channels including more than 20 sports channels
  • Add on sports and other channels for a fee
  • Every plan comes with a cloud-DVR and on-demand content
  • Local channels are available in most areas
  • No contracts!
  • fuboTV offers a 7-day trial


  • National and local sports coverage is great, but RSNs are largely missing
  • General entertainment networks like TBS and TNT are not available
  • The package options could be confusing for some
  • Simultaneous streaming is available, but only through your home network



DIRECTV STREAM also has its share of pros and cons. If you’re considering signing up, here are a few things to consider about DIRECTV STREAM.


  • Each plan features between 65+ to 130+ channels
  • Most areas receive access to local channels
  • Add-on packages are available
  • Standard features like a cloud-DVR are included
  • Streaming is possible on three screens simultaneously
  • DIRECTV STREAM kicks off with a 5-day trial


  • Too many package options can make things confusing
  • With multiple plan options, you may have to pay more to get what you want

 Winner: Tie (There are more pros on both services and only a few cons. Either one of these services could be a good choice for you.)


Conclusion: What’s Better? fuboTV or DIRECTV STREAM?

This is one question that you’re going to have to answer for you. fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM are a lot alike. They both offer multiple package options, similar features, and channel lineups that are close to identical. They even start out at a similar price. Ultimately, this might come down to what channels you want, and which service offers them in a cheaper package. The good news is that both services start you off with a free trial and allow you to cancel whenever you want. So, if you sign up for the free trial and aren’t satisfied, cancel before the end of the trial, and you’ll be free to try out another service!

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