UEFA Euro 2020 Ticket Price

UEFA euro 2020 is one of the most popular tournaments. The 2020 euro was originally scheduled to be held on 12 June to 12 July 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the original date was postponed and is scheduled to be held from 11 June to 11 July 2021. Although the tournament is going to take part in 2021 the name of the tournament will remain euro 2020.Fans from around the world waits eagerly for the availability of the tournament ticket.

There are some facts every fan should know before buying tickets.

When do Euro 2020 tickets will be available for sale?

The ticket window was open for sale from June 12, 2019 to July 12, 2019. The sale was put on throughout the world via EURO2020.com. Approximately 2.5m tickets were sold during the sale. In the time the board was trying to ensure so that more can attend.

UEFA Euro Ticket Price

How to apply for Euro 2020 tickets?

Fans can buy tickets at euro2020.com/tickets which is the official way of getting tickets. By doing so fans also get a chance to win tickets. Fans don’t need to pay while applying. After applying for the tickets successful applicants will be notified by email. Then a time period will be given at least 10 days to complete the payment. After the finals draw the 2nd phase of tickets will be sold. But these tickets are not available in a normal way. Fans have to follow specific criteria defined by the national associations.

There are 2 facts which make it easy for everyone to understand the ticketing system.

  • Individual ticket: one match in one stadium
  • ‘Follow my team’ ticket: A ticket allowing fans to attend a knockout stage match of their favorite team independently of the location of the match. A 100% refund if the team is eliminated before the knockout stage.

Can I buy tickets from sources other than EURO2020.com?

As the Euro page said, Third-party ticketing websites and secondary ticketing platforms are not authorized. Any secondary source tickets are invalid under UEFA EURO 2020 TICKETING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

How Much is the ticket price to attend a EURO 2020 match?

In three price categories, tickets are sold. Check out bellow

Group stage and round of 16
Category 1 €185
Category 2 €125
Category 3 €50


Quarter-finals and opening match
Category 1 €225
Category 2 €145
Category 3 €75
Group stage, round of 16 and Baku quarter-final
Category 1 €125
Category 2 €75
Category 3 €30
Category 1 €595
Category 2 €345
Category 3 €195
Fans First €85


Category 1 €945
Category 2 €595
Category 3 €295
Fans First €95

Will fans be allowed at Euro 2020?

This time every stadium will be a little bit different. All the safety measures will be applied. Fans are allowed but with some limitations. Only Budapest aims to host 100% with of course with strict safety measures. Other hosts will have some limitations.

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