UEFA Euro 2021 All Teams Kits

The 16th UEFA European Championship Euro 2020 was originally scheduled to take place in June 2021 but everything was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus the new dates of the UEFA Euro 2020 are set to June 2021. Although the tournament is taking place in 2021 it will be named 2020. The top international teams across Europe will take part in this tournament with their unique outfits.

Football Kits are updated every season. Each team has its own home and away kits. This year kits are already here check it out.

Austria – Home kit

With a red body and white sleeves, Austria’s home football shirt looks like an Arsenal kit. The shirt follows Puma’s current “Crafted from Culture” theme and is imbued with a classic Alpine design graphic inspired by the Vienna Secession art nouveau style. It has red colors on the shoulders and a simple white crew-neck collar is used. Puma is the manufacturer.

Austria – Away kit

A unique design in black and teal, Austria’s away jersey is beautiful. On the front, there are feather graphics. OFB crest appears on the left side and it is also like the home kit with the graphic and colors by the Vienna Secession art nouveau style. The Puma logo on the right chest and is golden.

Belgium – Home kit

Made by Adidas, the Belgium Home kit has a bold design. A brushstroke graphic on the front which forms a shape of B. On the upper back of the shirt just below the neckline, there are similar graphics visible. On the right side a yellow Adidas Performance logo is placed and on the left chest, the new Belgium logo is placed. On 11 November 2019, the home jersey was officially released.

Belgium – Away kit

On 3 September 2020, Belgium Euro 2020 away jersey was revealed. Belgium’s principal colors are black and red with the sleeve cuffs which are highlighted. 3 Stripes on the shoulders is Adidas trademark. The away jersey has Predominantly grey with the standard Condivo 20 graphic on the front.

Croatia – Home kit

Nation’s classic red and white checkers appear across the front and lower back while most of the area in the back is simply white. On both sides of the shirt there’s a blue zig-zag stripe.

Croatia – Away kit

Croatia’s Nike away kit follows the classic checkers but the checker design is totally different. Nike is the manufacturer with white logos on the chest the shirt is dark grey and black a monochrome color with black shorts and socks.

Czech Republic – Home kit

Puma is the manufacturer of the Czech Republic team. Following Puma’s current “Crafted from Culture” theme a geometric pattern of Lipa tree is fused into the design with blue on the collars and neckline. And a white Puma logo and the team badge on the chest.

Czech Republic – Away kit

With a bold, energetic, fresh and ferocious look away jersey is comparable with the home jersey but with the color green lime. It also follows the same theme as the home kit with the black Puma logo on the right and on the left the team badge.

Denmark – Home kit

Hummel is the manufacturer of the Denmark home team jersey. The home jersey has soundwave graphic prints inspired by the singing of the Danish fans on the front. This theme is inspired by recording 34,610 fans singing the national team on 7 June 2019. The main color is red with white raglan sleeves and red sleeve cuffs. The sound wave design is seen in front and also in the back too. A slight hint of blue is featured above the shoulders.

Denmark – Away kit

The away kit of Denmark also follows the same theme as the home kit. The away jersey is white with red logos and trim. Like the home jersey, it also has a trim of blue above the chest. There are three (black, green, blue) color jerseys for the goalkeeper with the same design and theme.

England – Home kit

England home jersey follows a classic, very simple and sleek design. The main color of the jersey is white. The design follows the “community of lions” graphic on the neckline and stripes on both sides. The Nike Swoosh logo and team badge is placed in the middle of the chest.

England – Away kit

With solid blue color Eagland away jersey follows the same graphics as the home jersey but the away jersey collar is a nod to the classic jerseys of the ’90s. There are red stripes on both sides.

Finland – Home kit

The home jersey is white with a navy blue gradient cross design. The team badge has a golden Swoosh round and golden Nike Swoosh sits in the middle of the cross. The home jersey is inspired by the Finnish flag.

Finland – Away kit

Finland’s away top is totally different from the home top. This version has a much more classic approach. Away jersey is navy with navy royal blue sleeves and some gold color featured (for buttons of collar and Swoosh). The away kit features a polo-style neck.

France – Home kit

France’s home jersey is mostly dark blue with a striking red horizontal stroke and with thinner royal blue ones placed everywhere else. The red horizontal stroke represents a throwback to the 1998 World Cup-winning side. The socks are red and the shorts are blue with Nike white logo.

France – Away kit

France’s away jersey is just simple. Primarily white with a crew-neck collar and monochrome blue logos the jersey looks very beautiful. A stripe in the colors of the French flag is featured on both sides. on the inner neck, the motto of the French Republic “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” is printed. Both shorts and socks are also white.

Germany – Home kit

Germany’s home kit has a full white body with horizontal stipes brushstroke effect and these stipes follow on sleeves also. The sleeve cuffs represent the national flag with black, red and gold which is hand-painted artwork. the collar is round black, the shorts are also black and the socks are white.

Germany – Away kit

Germany’s away shirt is black and carbon color. The design doesn’t feature any graphics or design on the front and back. There are also three stripes on the shoulders which mix perfectly with the theme color. Talking of theme the collar part followed the Condivo 20 model with the unique collar. The cuffs follow the same as the home shirt.

Hungary – Home kit

Hungary’s design is inspired by the 2nd longest river in Europe The Danube. As a base, the traditional colours of red is used along with a white and green collar and 3 white stripes on the sides. The shorts are white and the socks are green.

Hungary – Away kit

Hungary’s away kit follows the inverse order of the home kit. Mostly white with a red v-collar, 3 red stripes on the shoulder and green panels running down each side and on the lower part of the sleeves. The sleeve cuff has red piping.

Italy – Home kit

Made by Puma Italy’s home jersey is mainly blue with navy graphics print. The graphic is inspired by the traditional mosaics and architecture of the Renaissance. The sleeves cuffs have colors of the Italy flag. The Puma logo is in golden and the Italy badge has also a golden Swoosh.

Italy – Away kit

Italy’s away shirt is fully white and looks so unique. A vertical line with green and red which represents Italy’s flag separates the jersey. The Puma logo is in black in the middle with the team badge.

Netherlands – Home kit

Netherlands home kit continues the orange and black color spin. It has an eye-catching lion graphic print all over the shirt throughout the sleeves. Black is used for the Nike logo and the teams badge along with the v-collar. The shorts and shocks are also orange.

Netherlands – Away kit

Netherlands away jersey is the inverse theme of the home kit. The away shirt is mostly black and a mix of orange in the side stipe and on the collar. This away version follows the polo t-shirt collar design. The Nike logo and the teams badge are in orange.

North Macedonia – Home kit

Their home kit is red with a yellow gradient mix and the applications are in white. The graphic design is inspired by the Macedonian flag. The collar has yellow piping along on both sides of the front.

North Macedonia – Away kit

Their away kit has the same graphics and design but with the white and red mix. The collar and the sleeve cuffs are in red. They hadn’t changed their jersey in 2 years.

Poland – Home kit

Poland’s home kit is inspired by their flag mostly white and red. The collar is in traditional design with half white and half red, the same design is used on the sleeve cuffs. The Nike logo is placed on the right side of the chest and the team badge in the middle. They have red shorts and white socks to complete the kit.

Poland – Away kit

Poland away kit is mostly red and a mix of white. Unlike the home kit this some also have the same sleeve cuffs but the collar of the away jersey has a v shape and white in color. Like home kit Nike logo and team badge is in the same place but in white. Their shorts are white and the socks are red.

Portugal – Home kit

Manufactured by Nike the Portugal teams home kit is classy dark red. A black-red-green stripe runs down with a break in the middle and the sleeve is also the same color combination. They have green shorts and red socks on the home kit.

Portugal – Away kit

The away kit is inspired by the iconic away shirt of 2016. This one has a bold look with a v-collar and black on the sides and sleeve cuffs.

Russia – Home kit

Russia home kit is mainly red and has graphics on the front. the sleeve cuffs are white as well as the collar and it is in a v shape. There are 3 white stripes on the shoulder and the Adidas logo is also in white.

Russia – Away kit

Russia’s away jersey is mostly white a blue and red separates in the middle and that goes throughout the sleeve cuffs. The away shirt has a red v collar and 3 red stripes on both sides of the shoulder. The Adidas logo is also in red, their shorts are blue and socks are white.

Scotland – Home kit

Scotland’s home kit is in dark blue and has a hand-painted hoop pattern on the front. the sleeve cuffs are in red and white and has a simple blue collar. there are 3 white stripes on both shoulders and the Adidas logo is also in white.

Scotland – Away kit

Scotland’s away jersey has an uncommon color combo of white and sky blue. The v-collar is in navy blue along with 3 stripes on both sides of the shoulder and the Adidas logo is in the same color. The away kit has white shorts and socks both.

Slovakia – Home kit

Slovakia’s home kit is deep blue with a modern graphics inspired by the mountains of Slovakia. The side stripe has unique detailing and is also in blue.

Slovakia – Away kit

Made by Nike, The Slovakia away jersey is very simple and white with blue applications. On both side a blue zig-zag line runs down with some design on it. The collar has red and blue on the back.

Spain – Home kit

Spain’s home jersey is their traditional colors red and yellow are featured with a graphics pixelated design inspired by the national flag. It has a v-collar red and 3 yellow stripes on the shoulders. The home kit has both navy blue shorts and socks.

Spain – Away kit

Spain’s away jersey is mostly white gray. It has the same kind of graphic but it mainly matches the Condivo 20. The sleeves are white and cuffs are red gold mix. The away kit shorts are white and socks too.

Sweden – Home kit

Sweden’s home kit is mainly yellow with black applications. This one follows Adidas Condivo 20 template and has the trademark collar. The sleeves has 3 stripes of dark blue and royal blue and Sverige is written on the upper back.

Sweden – Away kit

Sweden away kit has a clean design with deep dark blue and yellow thin stripe graphics. The sleeve cuff also has some yellow piping also on the collar. The Adidas logo and shoulders stripes are also yellow.

Switzerland – Home kit

Switzerland’s home kit is completely red with dark red spreading through the back. The front has horizontal stipes graphics and the logo and badges are in white. The shorts are maroon and the socks are red.

Switzerland – Away kit 

Switzerland’s away kit shirt has a unique colorful graphic of the front which represents a mountain panorama. All the applications are in dark red and Suisse is written on the back.

Turkey – Home kit

Turkey’s home kits shirt is fully white with red chest band. The sleeves has red cuffs and the collar is also red along with the Nike logo placing in the middle.

Turkey – Away kit

Turkey’s away kit is all red. It also has the chest band with a tonal red. All the applications are in white.

Ukraine – Home kit

Ukraine’s home kit shirt is traditional yellow with blue highlights. The front has a sublte sublimation printing inspired by the traditions of Ukrainian embroidery.

Ukraine – Away kit

Ukraine’s away shirt is the inverse of the home shirt. All the details are in yellow and has the same traditions of Ukrainian embroidery.

Wales – Home kit

Inspired by past icons, the Wales home kit shirt is fully red in the Condivo 20 template’ trademark version. The sleeve cuffs have a yellow, red, green and white design and the Adidas logo and 3 shoulder stripes are in yellow.

Wales – Away kit

The away version is another pattern of the Condivo 20. The shirt is fully yellow with a smooth graphic, The applications are in green along with the 3 shoulder stripes. The shorts are green and socks are yellow.


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