FIFA World Cup 2022 Bracket

FIFA World Cup Bracket represents all the Knockout Stage matches featuring the participants along with dates and links them to the next match of each winning side. It’s the overall representation of how a team will march from Round of 16 up to final and whom they will face on which rounds on which date. The Bracket for the knockout stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup has been presented below.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Bracket

Round of 16 Quarterfinal Semifinal Final
December 3 (Match 49) Winner Group A December 9 (Match 57) Winner Match 49 December 13 (Match 61) Winner Match 57 December 18 (Match 64) Winner Match 61
Runner-up Group B
December 3 (Match 50) Winner Group C Winner Match 50
Runner-up Group D
December 5 (Match 53) Winner Group E December 9 (Match 58) Winner Match 53 Winner Match 58
Runner-up Group F
December 5 (Match 54) Winner Group G Winner Match 54
Runner-up Group H
December 4 (Match 51) Winner Group B December 10 (Match 59) Winner Match 51 December 14 (Match 62) Winner Match 59 Winner Match 62
Runner-up Group A
December 4 (Match 52) Winner Group D Winner Match 52
Runner-up Group C
December 6 (Match 55) Winner Group F December 10 (Match 60) Winner Match 55 Winner Match 60
Runner-up Group E
December 6 (Match 56) Winner Group H Winner Match 56
Runner-up Group G
December 17 (Match 63) Loser Match 61
Loser Match 62
Third Place Play-Off

In the Round of 16 Stage, Winner of Group A, C, E and G will come head to head with Runner-up of Group B, D, F and H respectively. While Winner of Group B, D, F and H will play against Runner-up of Group A, C, E and G respectively. Then in the Quarterfinal stage, Winner of 1st and 2nd Round of 16 matches will take on each other and very similarly the Winner of 3rd and 4th; 5th and 6th; 7th and 8th Round of 16 matches will be participating against each other. Then the 1st and 2nd Quarterfinal winners (Match 57 and 58) will take on each other in the 1st Semifinal which will be followed by the 2nd Semifinal featuring 3rd and 4th Quarterfinal winners (Match 59 and 60).

On December 17, 2 losers of semifinal round will play in the Third Place Play-off match and eventually the competition will come to an end on December 18 when the Winners of the 2 Semifinals will battle against each other for the title glory. There will be a total of 64 games which includes a total of 16 Knockout stage fixtures counting in the 3rd Place Playoff.

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