Copa America Top Goal Scorers of All Time

Copa America Top Goal Scorer all time

Copa America is the 3rd most-watched tournament in the world. This tournament is widely enjoyed by all of age. This tournament generally features 12 teams since 1993. Over the decades this tournament has given us many iconic moments. By winning the tournament 15 times Uruguay became the most successful team. Being one of the oldest tournaments Copa America has given us some legendary top scorer players. Here is a list of Top goal scorers of all time:

S.No Player Goals
1 Norberto Méndez (Argentina) 17
2 Zizinho (Brazil) 17
3 Lolo Fernández (Peru) 15
4 Severino Varela (Uruguay) 15
5 Paolo Guerrero (Peru) 14
6 Ademir (Brazil) 13
7 Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina) 13
8 Jair (Brazil) 13
9 Jose Manuel Moreno (Argentina) 13
10 Héctor Scarone (Uruguay) 13
11 Roberto Porta (Uruguay) 12
12 Ángel Romano (Uruguay) 12
13 Eduardo Vargas (Chile) 12
14 Herminio Masantonio (Argentina) 11
15 Víctor Ugarte (Bolivia) 11
16 Javier Ambrois (Uruguay) 10
17 Héctor Castro (Uruguay) 10
18 Didi (Brazil) 10
19 Enrique Hormazábal (Chile) 10
20 Arnoldo Iguarán (Colombia) 10
21 Ángel Labruna (Argentina) 10
22 Ronaldo (Brazil) 10
23 Óscar Gómez Sánchez (Peru) 10
24 Pedro Petrone (Uruguay) 10

Top 3 scorers

17 Goals

Norberto Méndez (Argentina)

Born on January 5, 1923, Norberto Doroteo Méndez was a midfielder who played for the Argentina national team. During his career, he participated on 33 international matches for the Argentina team and also achieved 3 Copa America titles. He made it to this list by scoring 17 goals which is the all-time top goal.

Zizinho (Brazil)

Born on 14 September 1921 in São Gonçalo, Brazil Thomaz Soares da Silva commonly known as Zizinho was an attacking midfielder on the brazil national team. He also scored 17 goals in this tournament and been here on the list since.

16 Goals

Lolo Fernández (Peru)

A Peruvian footballer born on 20 May 1913, Teodoro Fernández Meyzán commonly known as Lolo was a professional forward player who is still one of the top scorers. The is on the list with 16 goals in Copa America.

Severino Varela (Uruguay)

Severino Varela Puente was born on 14 September 1913. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and played for the national team as a striker. In his career, he scored a total of 16 goals which makes him one of the top goal scorers.

14 Goals

Paolo Guerrero (Peru)

Born on 1 January 1984 José Paolo Guerrero Gonzales is a striker of the Peru national team. He is the only player who is active till now and made it through the top goal scorer list.

Who won the last Copa America?

Brazil won the last Copa America champion title. It was their 9th title of Copa America.

Who is the top scorer of all time?

Norberto Méndez from Argentina and Zizinho from Brazil are the top scorer of all time with 17 goals.

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