Copa America 2021 Kits (All Team)

The main men’s football tournament among national teams from CONMEBOL, Copa America 2021 will be the 47th edition of the tournament. This Tournament consists of 12 teams among them 10 CONMEBOL teams and two additional teams from other confederations participate. Due to the AFC Second Round of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification Football Australia and the Qatar Football Association announced their withdrawal from Copa America tournament. Take a look at the Copa America 2021 all teams kits:


Brazil – Home Kit

Made by Nike, the Brazil Home kit is mostly yellow and the design is inspired by the one worn during the World Cup half a century ago in1970. The shirt cuffs are in green color and the diamond graphic that’s descended from the Brazilian flag. The inner collar has a 70′ graphic printed and All the applications are in green.

Brazil – Away Kit

Brazil away kit also follows the same template as the home kit but the color is dark blue with a graphic on the front. The same graphic of the home shirt cuffs and sleeves are used in the away’s front throughout the sleeves. All the applications are in yellow.

Colombia – Home Kit

Colombia’s home kit is gentle yellow. It has the basic design with all applications in red. There are 3 red stripes on both shoulders, while the sleeves and cuffs are in the colors of the flag. With blue shorts and red socks looks beautiful.

Colombia – Away Kit

Colombia’s away shirt is dark blue with graphics with a slightly lighter than the main dark blue color. All the applications are in yellow along with 3 stripes on both shoulders. The shirt is in v collar and sleeve cuffs represent countries flag.

Ecuador – Home Kit

With horizontal blue stripes on the front  the Ecuador home shirt has a yellow base and a red trim on the collar with The sleeves are fully yellow and collar also has buttns.

Ecuador – Away Kit

With traditional yellow as the base color, Ecuador’s away shirt has horizontal blue stripes on the front. The sleeves are fully yellow with red piping in the cuffs. The shorts are in navy and the socks are in also navy.

Peru – Home Kit

Peru’s home kit shirt features their team’s trademark sash design and has a marble effect that is inspired by the fans during a flag. The sleeve cuffs are red and have a red line on both shoulders near the collar.

Peru – Away Kit

Peru’s away kit is the inverse version following the trademark sash design in white and other parts in red. The gold trim is visible on both the collar and cuffs.

Venezuela – Home Kit

Venezuela’s home kit features their map on the front of the shirt. Mostly mazenda the cuffs of the sleeves are in white. The shorts and the socks are in the same color.

Venezuela – Away Kit

Mostly white Venezuela’s away kit shirt has a sash in the color of their national flag graphics on the front. The shorts are in blue and the socks are white with some color line.


Argentina – Home Kit

Made by Adidas, Argentina’s home jersey is simple with blue graphics to stripe in white. The collar and sleeve cuffs are also in white and applications are in black. The graphics represent the regions of Argentina and the shorts are in black.

Argentina – Away Kit

The Away kit’s shirt followed the Condivo 20 template. With the trademark template brush strike graphic on the front, Argentina’s away jersey looks awesome. All the applications are in sky blue along with the 3 stripes on both shoulders. The sleeve cuffs represent the national flag of the team.

Bolivia- Home Kit

Mostly green Bolivia’s home kit’s shirt has different shades of green along with liner stripes fading graphics. The sleeve cuffs are in solid green with yellow piping at the start.

Bolivia- Away Kit

The away shirt of Bolivia is in white with a unique application of the flag colors on the sleeve cuffs. The federation badge is in a monochrome version and the logos are in golden.

Chile – Home Kit

Chile’s home kits shirt is royal red with white applications and sleeves. the collar cuff has blue on it along with a zig zac o both sides in blue.

Chile – Away Kit

Mostly white Chile’s away kit shirt has red wing graphics throughout the half sleeves. The shirt has a blue block on the front chest and all the applications are in red.

Paraguay – Home Kit

With red back and white and their traditional red stripe on front Paraguay’s home kit shirt looks beautiful. Puma is the manufacturer and the graphic pattern based on the Ñandutí (spider web) fabric, the most famous and popular folk art.

Paraguay – Away Kit

Paraguay’s away kit is mostly white with 3 stripes on the front represent the national flag. All the applications are in blue.

Uruguay – Home Kit

Uruguay’s home kit shirt will have the color Silver Lake Blue or sky blue. As the kit is not revealed yet we can presume the applications will be in white.

Uruguay Home and Away Kit

Uruguay – Away Kit

As the kit is not yet released we can assume the away jersey will be the inverse of the home jersey with all the applications in sky blue.

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