Where to watch FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2021 Live on US TV

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is the highest level stage for international beach soccer competition. Originally the competition started it’s journey back in 1995 as the Beach Soccer World Championships. But since 2005 it has been introduced as an official FIFA tournament. The upcoming edition which will be the 11th one in the history, will take place from 19-29 August, 2021. Russian capital Moscow will host the competition featuring 16 national teams from 6 confederations. In this article we will discuss broadly about where to and how to catch the FIFA Beach Soccer WC matches live on US TV.

Where to Watch FIFA Beach Soccer WC 2021 Matches Live on TV in US?

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Live on TVFOX Sports network owns the broadcasting right of 2021 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup matches live in English language within United States territory. The popular sporting network will televise the tournament fixtures live through various channels. As you know, FOX Sports network channels are very much popular in US and are available through the majority of the satellite and cable TV providers as well as IPTV. Thus you have nothing to worry to catch the actions live on your TV set right from your home.

If you are a Spanish language user and looking for the Spanish commentary version of the games then just turn on Telemundo. The popular Spanish language specialty channel of NBC group, does hold the broadcasting right of this alluded tournament in Spanish language in US. Telemundo is also available through most of the cable TV providers in America, both the popular satellite TV providers Dish Network and DirecTV as well as IPTV AT&T U-verse.

Ways to Enjoy FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Live on Canadian TV:

In Canada, Beach Soccer WC matches will be available live through variety of network. The number one television network CTV shares the broadcasting right with country’s number sports specialty network TSN. The Sports Network broadcasts the games usually through TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 as well as TSN5. The two mentioned networks will air the games live in English language and are available through most of the cable TV providers, satellite TV provider Bell and Shaw Direct and also through so many Internet Protocol TV.

However, the Canadian watchers can also enjoy the actions live on TV in French language through RDS network the number 1 French specialty network of Canada. The network will televise the competition fixtures through RDS and RDS2. You can find them through Shaw direct, Bell Satellite TV, Cogeco, Videotron and via plenty more sources.

Chart of FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2021 Broadcasting TV Channels:

Country Broadcasting TV Network Broadcasting TV Channels
United States of America FOX SPORTS Network FOX Sports, FS1
Telemundo (NBC Network Group)
Canada CTV

How Can I Catch The Beach Soccer WC Actions Live Via Online Streaming In America?

American viewers can also catch the Beach Soccer World Cup actions live through online streaming. This option is suitable for the ones who love the flexibility and feel comfortable with their mobile handset rather then the TV set and the ones don’t have cable or satellite TV subscription. The online streaming platforms which will help you watching the beach soccer world cup matches live, are listed below inside a chart with the channels they provide, facilities and costs.

Online Streaming Platform Available Networks Cost
fubo TV FOX Sports Network Channels, Telemundo Monthly Subscription Fee starts from 59.99 USD. Add On “Sports Plus” for 11 USD More (Optional).
Sling TV FOX Sports Network Channels Monthly Subscription Fee 30 USD. Add On “Sports Extra” for 10 USD More (Optional).
AT&T TV FOX Sports Network Channels Package Starts from 59.99 USD Per Month (Up to 129.99 USD Per Month).
Hulu+ Live TV FOX Sports Network Channels Monthly Subscription Fee 54.99 US Dollar.
YouTube TV FOX Sports Network Channels Costs 64.99 US Dollar For One Month Service.

We recommend you to purchase the monthly plan of fuboTV as the platform provides both FOX Sports network as well as Telemundo. Thus, you can catch the actions live in both English and Spanish language. Don’t forget to enjoy the 7 days free trial offer.

How to Watch Beach Soccer WC Matches Live Via Online Streaming in Canada?

Canadian viewers can also enjoy the live actions via online streaming through plenty of platforms. CTV GO provides the live matches broadcast through CTV. The source demands cable TV subscription to CTV and by ensuring that subscription you can enjoy the live streaming without paying an extra penny. TSN App and RDS App also provides similar kind of service by requiring cable TV subscription to TSN and RDS respectively. Neither of the apps demand any extra charge. The only difference is that, TSN App and CTV Go both provides English commentary of the games while RDS App will deliver you French language commentary.

However, viewers who don’t have cable or satellite TV subscription to any of the alluded networks, can still catch the actions live. Are you thinking, how? Well, viewers don’t need any kind of subscription if they purchase the online streaming packages of those networks named TSN Direct and RDS Direct. Yeah, the firstly mentioned one provides English and the later mentioned one provides French commentary. How much do they cost? Both the service has diurnal as well as monthly pans. You can purchase each of the service on a daily plan which lasts 24 hours by paying 4.99 Canadian Dollar only. On the contrary, the 30 days long monthly plan will make you pay 19.99 Canadian Dollar. Apart from these, one can also purchase the 6 months plan of TSN Direct which will cost them 99.95 CAD.

Beach Soccer WC 2021 Online Streaming Sources in Canada:

Online Streaming Platform Available TV Channels Cost
CTV GO CTV Requires Cable TV Subscription.
TSN App TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Requires Cable TV Subscription.
TSN Direct TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Daily Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD, 6 Months Subscription Fee 99.95 CAD.
RDS App RDS, RDS2 Requires Cable TV Subscription.
RDS Direct RDS, RDS2 Daily Subscription Fee 4.99 Canadian Dollar, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 Canadian Dollar.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2021 Schedule:

The competition has been scheduled to take place between 19 to 29 August, 2021. The group stage matches will be played from 19 to 24 August. Then the top 8 sides will advance to the Quarterfinal stage which will take place on 26 August. Then the semifinals to eventuate on 28 August followed by the 3rd place match and the Final on the very next day (29 August). However, the match times haven’t been finalized yet but we will update it here as soon as the authority publish it.

Round Game Date
Group Stage Group A Fixtures August 19, 21 and 23
Group B Fixtures August 19, 21 and 23
Group C Fixtures August 20, 22 and 24
Group D Fixtures August 20, 22 and 24
Quarterfinal Quarterfinal 1, 2, 3, and 4 August 26
Semifinal Semifinal 1 and 2 August 28
3rd Place Match August 29
Final August 29


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