Where to watch Formula 1 Live on US TV

Formula One is the highest class of single-seater racing cars’ international auto racing. The competition is authorized by FIA and the series is owned by Liberty Media. The championship started it’s journey back in 1950 and is a highly prestigious as well as popular event. The competition attracted a total of 1.9 billion audience according to stats in 2019. Apart from these, as per 2019, a total of 671 thousand viewers enjoyed the event through ESPN Network channels within United States. In this article, we will reveal where to and how to watch and stream Formula One live in United States and Canada.

Which Channels to Broadcast Formula One Live on US TV?

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World’s highest earning sports specialty network ESPN owns the broadcasting right of Formula One live in United States. The network initially started the journey with the most prestigious racing competition back in 1984. After more than 13 years spell the contract came to an end in 1997. Then it was succeeded by Speed and FOX Sports Network. The two popular networks shared the right for the next 3 years. However, Speed continued to televise the races until 2012 while FOX also aired the select races in between 2007 and 2012. Then, after half a decade spell enjoyed by the NBC Sports, which started in 2013 and lasted till 2017, ESPN regained the right back in the next year.

Formula 1 Live in US TVThe multi year deal which started with the 2018 campaign, will see the richest sporting network televising hundred hours of F1 programming in their inaugural season after the comeback. Viewers can watch every practice and qualifying session through the alluded network. Most of the races will be broadcast live through ESPN2. The number is no less than 16. While ESPN will televise 2 races, Monaco and Britain. ABC will also enjoy a portion of the programming as it will broadcast 3 races live (United States, Mexico and Canada) live. The Monaco Grand Prix will also be televised through ABC but as tape-delayed (during afternoon).

Apart from these, the Spanish language users can enjoy the event in their favorite language through ESPN Deportes as the Spanish specialty channel of the network has the Spanish language broadcasting right within USA.

However, the authority confirmed that, ESPN will utilize the coverage of UK based Sky Sports F1 and the network will enjoy the right until 2022 campaign when the multi year deal will come to an end. Australian audiences can watch this even on Fox, Kayo Sports and F1 TV.

Formula One Broadcasting TV Channels Chart In America:

Broadcasting TV Channel Featured Sessions Language Version
ESPN Practice 1, Practice 2, Practice 3, Qualifying, Race English
ESPN2 English
ABC Race Only English
ESPN Deportes Practice 1, Practice 2, Practice 3, Qualifying, Race Spanish

How Can I Catch Formula One Races Live Through Online Streaming In USA?

Formula One Races are also available through various online streaming platforms. US viewers can enjoy the races live and on demand by subscribing those platforms or sources.

F1 TV:

F1 TV is the over the top broadcasting streaming service specialized for Formula One races. The service is available in so many countries including United States. Although due to restrictions, one can’t enjoy the service outside his own country, it provides two options which are very much useful for the watchers. F1 TV Access helps the users watching the highlights of the Formula One races while the F1 TV Pro lets the users enjoy all the races live. It provides all the practice sessions, qualifying session as well as the main race. The service features live view of each driver’s car as well as the replays of all the races.

Subscribers can purchase both F1 TV Access and F1 TV Pro packages on monthly as well as annual plan. F1 TV Access costs 2.99 US Dollar per month while the yearly plan costs 26.99 US Dollar. On the contrary, the F1 TV Pro costs 9.99 US Dollar per month while makes the users pay 79.99 US Dollar for 12 months lengthy annual service.

Formula One Online Streaming Sources Chart in USA:

Online Streaming Service Available Channels Cost
Hulu+ Live TV ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, ESPN Deportes Costs 54.99 USD per Month (ESPN Deportes via Espanol Add On for $5 more)
AT&T TV Now ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Monthly Subscription Fee starts from 54.99 USD (Plus Package)
fuboTV ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, ESPN Deportes Standard Plan Costs 59.99 USD per Month (ESPN Deportes available via Add On, subject to additional fee)
YouTube TV ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Monthly Subscription Fee 64.99 USD
Sling TV ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes Sling Orange costs 30 USD per month (20 USD for first month), Deportes Extra Add On for $5 more provides ESPN Deportes
F1 TV Pro 9.99 USD per Month, 79.99 USD per Year
F1 TV Access 2.99 USD per Month, 26.99 USD per Year

Where to Find Formula One Races Live on Canadian TV?

Canadian viewers can enjoy the Formula One Races live both in English and French language.

English Language Broadcasting:

The English language broadcasting right is owned by TSN. The number one sports specialty service uses the Sky Sports F1’s coverage and broadcasts all the races live in Canada through all the 5 national feeds. Most of the programs are live through TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 with occasional programming live through TSN2. The network televises the practice session-2, qualifying session and the main race live.

French Language Broadcasting:

The French language broadcasting right is held by RDS. The network generally broadcasts the qualifying sessions and the main races live. However, it also airs all the practice sessions of Canadian Grand Prix live as well.

Formula One Broadcasting TV Channels Chart in Canada:

Broadcasting Networks Broadcasting TV Channels Available Races and Contents
TSN TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 and TSN2 All Races Live Practice Session-2, Qualifying, Race
RDS RDS and RDS2 All Races Live (Qualifying and Main Race), Canadian Grand Prix (Including All Practice Sessions)

Ways to Enjoy the Formula One Races Live Via Online Streaming in Canada:

Both the broadcasting TV networks have their own online streaming services through which viewers can enjoy the Formula One races live inside Canada.

Online Streaming Platform Featured Races and Sessions Cost
TSN App TSN Contents; All Races Live Practice Session-2, Qualifying, Main Race Requires TV Subscription To TSN
TSN Direct Diurnal Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD, 6 Months Subscription Fee 99.95 CAD
RDS App RDS Contents; All Races Live (Qualifying and Main Race), Canadian GP (Including All Practice Sessions) Requires TV Subscription To RDS
RDS Direct Diurnal Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD



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